March 17th, 2009

MJ Bad adorable

21 Twilight Icons + 2 Banners!

I'm not dead! Just my icon making muse has been muffled by school and life...But I managed to get 21 icons out of her, I hope you like them! And I will try to post more often!

[1-8] Various, Edward & Bella Twilight Caps
[9-13] Various Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart apperences/photoshoots
[14-18] Kristen Stewart appearences
[19-21] RPattz
+ Two Edward/Bella Headers

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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spn-dean/sam goofy faces

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Ok so cremepeach did this and I thought it was a good idea, so here we go.

Comment here with your favorite icon maker(S).
They can be posting anywhere on lj
And they can make icons of any fandoms
When I decide to close the post, probably Sundayish, I'll ask them if they'd like to become a maker here.

So goooo