February 8th, 2009

True Blood - Jessica

100 Dean Winchester Icons


Dean Winchester Icons for icons100spn

Subject: Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles

Batch 1:

Themes:Solitude, Lyrical, Oops, Dark, Bright, Ache, Cry, Disgust, Pain, Panic, Discovery, Whole, No Text, Smile, Laugh, Blue, Red, Green, Killer, Hero, Happy, Sad, Naughty, Sour, Innocent, Find Me, Weapon, Fight, Destiny, Demon, Rebel, Trust, Betrayel, Whatever, My Love, Sweet, Torn, Run, Not Now, Snarky, Monochrome, Hot, Cold, Enemies, Determined, Hell, Brothers, Family, Hope, Strength and 50 Artists' Choice

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spn-dean/sam goofy faces

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it's time for request again...

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I'm taking requests again. I'm doing wallpapers, banners, headers, and icons.
Three request per member. Which means you have to be a member first.

Be sure to read the rules before you ask for a request.
Step 1: Specify if you want a wallpaper, banner, header, or icon.
Step 2: Then specify what size.
Step 3: Let me know what fandome I'm doing.
Step 4: Leave pictures: MQ/HQ!
Step 5: PUT A NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT- Just so I know how many people are requesting.

Once all steps are finished add your request.
Request away!!! :)
[Linkin Park]

115 icons

[48] Bones (23 from 4x14 "The Hero in the Hold")
[38] Emily Deschanel
[06] David Boreanaz
[23] Benji & Joel Madden (from Good Charlotte)


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You know the deal, comments are ♥ and credit a must if use ;)
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MJ Bad adorable

12 Valentine Themed Icons!

Show your favorite characters a little love this Valentine's Day!

If you do not see your valentine here, just leave a comment and I will be happy to make it for you!

[1-5] Various Supernatural
[6-8 Various Twilight
[9-11] Various Lost
[12- ] Requests!

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