January 29th, 2009

True Blood - Jessica

128 Icons and 1 Banner

So these are pretty much the crappiest icons I've made in awhile * sighs * Photoshop was a pain so some I made on my laptop in PSP ... so not used to using that program, so those are very crappy.

1 David Cook
2 - 7 Justin Hartley
8 - 98 Various House of Wax
99 - 117 Smallville
118 - 123 Supernatural * Contains Spoilers for tonight's episode *
124 - 128 Tom Welling

One Tree Hill Friend Only Banner

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spn-dean/sam goofy faces

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Ok, what you are going to do is Leave a comment with your username, place you post your graphics and 5-10 of your favorite icons.

Then you can pimp this out and people will tell you what they think of your icons.

Pimp it out yo!